Thursday, May 3, 2007

Suffering from Cellphone Syndrome?

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You may have heard mixed reviews of whether cell phones are harmful or not and I want to explain why you should expect this...

You see there is a huge multi-billion dollar industry that has been setup whose revenue depends on your confidence in wanting to use your cell phone without hesitation.

As word gets out that there may be potential health issues resulting from cell phone use there are huge press campaigns broadcast distractions of the real news! This has happened time and time again and it crosses over into the Scientific Studies.

It's fairly common knowledge that these days scientific studies about anything can be bought and sold. If a company's got enough money they can fund a study and skew the results to their desired result.

Review the scientific literature on cell phone safety and you'll see just that - a hung jury. If these devices were truly safe I think all the studies would have verified this. The situation can be simplified:

1. Many people, yourself possibly included, find that they get headaches and discomfort when talking on a cell phone - for some folks it is only on long calls while others get reactions from even a quick call.

2. Many heavy cell phone users have openly complained that their newly formed brain tumors are (1) positioned right where their cell phone were held next to their ear (same side of the face) and (2) shaped very consistently with the antenna of a cell phone (see George Carlo's book 'Cell Phones Invisible Hazard of the Wireless Age).

3. Cell phone towers have been documented to affect bird migration. While industry execs and their scientific advisory boards seem to insist that this is a result of blinking lights on these towers this is unlikely.

Maybe you'll agree with me that you should be concerned with this issue - and that while many people are asking 'Are there health dangers from using a cell phone?' the more appropriate question to ask is 'What are the health dangers from using a cell phone?'

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