Monday, May 7, 2007

Support Small, Local Farms with the Farm Bill

Few human activities have the kind of impact on the Earth as the production and consumption of food. This is why we need to pay more attention to where farm funding is being directed with the Farm Bill.

To begin with, all farmers should have access to land conservation programs, and local small farms should be given funding and encouragement. The current Farm Bill does not provide for this and instead fosters large factory farms.

We need a Farm Bill that supports healthy, sustainable agriculture programs. The Farm Bill should:

  • Ensure that all farmers have access to working land conservation programs, such as the Conservation Security Program, in order to be good stewards of the land.
  • Foster the growth of local food systems - this will not only give consumers more nutritious options, but it will drastically cut global warming pollution from large factory farms.
  • Redirect "safety net" payments to those farmers who need them the most.

The Farm Bill needs to change, and you can help by telling Congress what you would like to see. Sign today>>

Changing the Farm Bill is an opportunity to improve our health and our environment.

Take Action!

Tell Congress to ensure that the new Farm Bill will promote good stewardship of the land.

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